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Marriage Counselling & Coaching
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The training, assessments and coaching that DARE offers include the following:

  • Marriage guidance and coaching
  • Premarital guidance and coaching
  • Family counselling and coaching
  • Parenthood and parent training
  • Single parent training
  • Inspiration and Motivation in family collaboration
  • Adult Career guidance
  • Leadership

Vision Statement: To equip, inspire and support families.
Mission Statement: To train, consult and coach people to reach purpose-driven goals.

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    Career Guidance
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    Duration: 2 hours – individual session. 1 hour evaluation plus 1 hour interpretation.

    Are you in the right profession? Is your career the correct fit for you? So many times people just hate their work. What if instead of feeling stuck and working to pay bills, you found a truly fulfilling career? Through purposeful career guidance, you can find the right direction to start your exciting journey of change and new beginnings.

    The evaluation by DARE determines thinking preferences. The thinking preference of a person is a clear indicator of the job description or field of study in which the person will function optimally and effectively. We also evaluate the impact of stress on the brain and information processing which determines how the person will manage conflict, respond, think and communicate within a particular work environment. The fields of interest questionnaire determine the categories of interest from which your occupation or field of study can be chosen.

    During the second hour of the appointment the client receives feedback on every profession the career guidance Consultant and Coach can identify within the client’s field of interest, thinking preference, temperament, experience, credentials, background and stress functioning

    Adult Career Guidance Content
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    Career Guidance Objectives

    At the end of this appointment the client will:

    • understand how his/her thinking preferences fit within particular occupations or fields of study;
    • understand how stress impacts his/her functioning and how he/she will react in a certain work environment;
    • know which field of study or work environment inspires, stimulates and ensures motivated productivity for him/her.


    • To guide, support and coach clients to choose the correct career path.

    Who Should Attend Career Guidance

    • Any Adult that needs career guidance and coaching.

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    Course Duration: 1 hour – Individual Session.

    Do you sometimes feel stuck? Did you reach your goals this year? Is there complete balance between your time and energy spent on work, relationships, family, fun, physical health, emotional health, romance and personal growth?

    Coaching is a non-judgemental, completely confidential and safe process that will help a person to take action and optimise his/her focus and productivity through creating awareness of different perspectives and alternative solutions. A coach supports the person to be effective, productive and successful. Coaching is not mentoring/ counselling or consulting. Coaching is a thought provoking, creative solution orientated process that inspires and maximise personal and professional potential.

    Life coaching:

    Through life coaching you can create the life you really want and reach purpose driven goals. Coaching is not mentoring/counselling or consulting.

    Career coaching:

    We evaluate and interpret thinking preferences, stress functioning, the ability to communicate effectively and manage conflict. According to the persons’ fields of interest we give guidelines of which occupations fit his/her thinking preferences and stress functioning.

    Career Coaching

    Leadership coaching:

    Leadership coaching ensures an effective and productive leadership approach with the ability to apply focused realistic action plans.  Leadership coaching uses thinking preferences and stress functioning to address the unique focus of the action plan that the leader formulated.

    Leadership Coaching

    Marriage coaching:

    Marriage coaching ensures that the couple can pinpoint differences in thinking and stress functioning and then be able to formulate a solution to these differences. Coaching helps the couple to discover new perspectives and solutions to address their differences and issues.

    Marriage Coaching

    Parenting coaching:

    As a parent, it is extremely difficult to always know how to properly educate each child in the family, with his or her unique way of thinking and functioning. As a parent we must have the wisdom to build and not break the child. What if parents and children completely differ from each other in their thought and functioning and constant conflict and tension occur? During parenting coaching, the thinking preferences and stress functioning of the parent and child are used as a basis to help the parent to better understand the child and implement an effective parenting style through coaching.  Through coaching every parent can create a safe and harmonious home environment with emotional stable relationships.

    Coaching ensures an effective and productive approach with the ability to apply focused realistic action plans. We only use accredited International Coaches (ICF).

    Coaching Content
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    Coaching Objectives

    At the end of the coaching session a person will be able to:

    • implement an action plan to reach specific goals;
    • have clarity about different options and perspectives to reach a solution for his/her specific needs;
    • be focussed and productive;
    • purposefully address the issue that he/she was coached about;
    • experience more clarity in his/her thinking.


    • To inspire, support and coach people to reach purpose driven goals.

    Who Should Receive Coaching

    • Any person that needs life/career/marriage/leadership or parenting coaching.

    Fam Sparc Family Coaching
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    Duration of coaching session: Depends on the amount of individuals that are part of the family. Can be a 3 – 4 hour session.  Follow up sessions will be discussed if necessary.

    This coaching session equips parents and children in the family to gain insight and understanding of each other’s thinking preferences, stress functioning, communication skills and ability to manage conflict. It equips the family members to celebrate their differences which lead to greater tolerance.  Their new insights help them to formulate their own action plan for effective communication and conflict management. They create their own support system and therapeutic process. Due to these new insights they are able to eliminate negative thoughts, emotions and behaviour and ensure emotional stability within the family relationships.

    Coaching Content
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    Family Coaching Objectives

    At the end of the family coaching session each family member will be able to:

    • experience more clarity in the reasons for behaviour and differences in thinking within family relationships;
    • implement an action plan to reach specific goals to address specific needs within family relationships;
    • have clarity about different options and perspectives to reach a solution for the specific needs of the family;
    • be focussed and productive;
    • purposefully address the issue that the family was coached about;


    • To experience harmony within the family and to have save and emotional stable family relationships.

    Who Should do Family Coaching

    • Every family needs this!
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    Success Stories

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    Course Completed: Marriage Coaching

    “The coaching sessions that we had with Emilise has been an eye opener to me. I suddenly gained insight into our thought patterns and the different ways that we think, plan and put plans in action. For the first time in my married life I understood that my emotional expressive processing was not evil, but the way I have been created. I learned different ways to vent my emotions without engaging in sin. I also finally understood my husband’s cognitive expressive processing and his need to verbally express his thoughts. Through the thinking preferences profile analysis I understood our different functioning styles and how we can best work together as a team. Emilise, you have been an instrument in the Father’s hand to reveal the hidden and unseen and bring light and understanding to our marriage journey.”