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Whether you need to improve effective communication, conflict management, team collaboration, team morale and dynamics or leadership coaching in your ministry, DARE has the training and coaching skills to help.  DARE focuses on equipping and coaching leaders.  The inspirational talks, camps, training, consulting and coaching includes:

  • Leadership Coaching.
  • Staff development.
  • Inspiration and Motivation.
  • Workshops.
  • Team building.
  • Productivity.
  • Leadership development.
  • Communication skills development.
  • Conflict management.
  • Emotional intelligence.
  • Social intelligence.
  • Healthy lifestyle.
  • Thinking preferences.
  • Listening skills.
  • Stress management.
  • Overcoming fears.
  • Brain integration.

DARE offers training, assessments and coaching to:

  • Church leaders
  • Church teams
  • Missionaries

Vision Statement: To equip, inspire and support leaders, missionaries and women
Missions Statement: Inspirational events, training, consulting and coaching to reach purpose-driven goals.

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    Emilise is an excellent speaker and combine her own experience, the experience of her clients and her knowledge on brain functioning, to give a new perspective and insight on human behaviour. Her spontaneity and knowledge will encourage everyone who listens to her. She can speak at any event on many subjects because everything in life starts with the way the brain functions. She prefers to talk on biblical topics that result in spiritual growth in Christ at Christian conferences, camps, seminars, fundraising events, lady’s tea etc. for churches and different organizations.

    Her father and brother are ministers and she studied biblical studies as part of her BA degree and got a distinction in it. God called her in an extraordinary way to uplift leaders, woman and children. Read her testimonial on the home page.

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    Testimonial of Emilise

    Recommended events topics

    • Trust God – do you?
    • The Influence of our unique thought preferences on prayer.
    • Effective relationships.
    • Conflict management.
    • The tabernacle and our spiritual life.
    • The armour of God and our spiritual development.
    • The influence of depression on our spiritual life.
    • How to grow in love and affection in our marriage.
    • The difference between a man and a woman and their spiritual development.
    • Spiritual development of children.
    • Important steps for effective parenthood.
    • How to live your calling.
    • How to set goals within God’s perfect will.
    • To hear from God.
    • God’s miracles – today.
    • God’s healing in spirit, soul and body.
    • The differences between men and woman.
    • How to forgive.
    • God’s perfect timing.
    • How God always listen to our prayers.
    • I am divorced – how do I start over?
    • The absolute truth of God’s promises.
    • How to live life in abundance.
    • To be truly free.
    • How can I save my marriage?
    • The difference between loneliness and being alone.
    • How does God speak to us?
    • God’s mercy is overwhelming!
    • Examples of God’s provision and blessings in the lives of people today.
    • Conquer your fears.
    • Change you thought patterns.
    • How to listen to and act on the voice of God.
    • Being a leader starts by following God.
    • How to live in truth.
    • How to be emotionally free.
    • Change negativity into positivity.

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    Duration of camps or conferences: The camps are usually weekend camps starting on a Friday night and ending on Sunday morning at 12:00. The conferences usually start on a Friday night and ends on Saturday afternoon or evening.

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    Camp and Conference Objectives

    • Spiritual growth and healing.
    • Deeper and stronger relationships.
    • Better understanding and insight into their own and others’ functioning.
    • Behavioural tools to make her daily life and responsibilities easier.
    • Establishing her identity in Christ.


    • Healing of spirit, soul and body of women.
    • To equip women with biblical insight and wisdom.

    Who Should Attend This Camp or Conference

    • Any woman that needs to be inspired, equipped or coached according to the topic of the camp or conference.

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    Course Duration: 1 Day

    A church leader or missionary requires a purposeful team that can effectively collaborate and communicate. The individual team members can function sufficiently when they each understand their role and respect each other’s roles. Any miscommunication or conflict hinders the process to deliver quality kingdom focussed work, wastes time and energy and leads to demotivation and unproductivity. It boils down to the fact that relationships is the focus of our work in Christ.

    Because people process information in different ways, very effective communication is needed for everyone to be on the same page. Effective communication and trust determine motivation and productivity for the same goal to be pursued.

    It is vital for every leader and missionary to gain knowledge and insight in the differences between his / her own and others’ thinking and stress patterns. Every leader and missionary needs to understand how to coach team members when differences occur due to the difference in thought preferences.

    Leaders need to learn how to mentor and reduce conflict through coaching. Leadership coaching is the answer to effective and collaborative teams. Behavioural tools for managing conflict and communication effectively and successfully are also important factors in the ability to manage relationships.

    This training and workshop helps each leader to understand and have insight into brain functioning during stress and the impact of thinking patterns on productivity, communication and conflict. Attendees will be able to use this knowledge as a basis for effective communication and conflict management. The implementation of behavioural tools ensures brain sharp functioning, positive managing of thought, effective concentration, emotional intelligent behaviour and decision making and meaningful time management. This knowledge and insight into brain functioning, thinking and behavioural tools empowers every leader to identify and eliminate the impact of stress in the workplace and on team members. In this way, the leader creates a productive work environment that ensures effective communication and conflict resolution between team members.

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    Course Objectives

    At the end of this course the leaders will be able to:

    • understand thought preferences, brain functioning during stress and sensory processing of information;
    • implement the knowledge of thought and stress functioning as a tool to ensure effective communication and manage conflict;
    • use thought preferences as foundation to manage and establish positive thought patterns;
    • use coaching as a tool to ensure growth and to reach purpose driven goals as a team;
    • use behavioural tools to:
      • conquer stress;
      • manage time effectively;
      • react emotionally intelligent;
      • manage thoughts for motivation and productive outcomes;
      • change the work environment and team dynamics to ensure team collaboration


    • Team collaboration.
    • Coaching leadership.
    • Focussed teams that reach purpose driven goals.
    • To equip, inspire and coach leaders.

    Who Should Attend This Course

    • Church leaders and missionaries.


    The outreach programs are determined by the need of the place we reach out to. With prayer outreaches we are part of a team as intercessors to break certain strongholds in an environment and to make proclamations according to what God shows us.

    Sometimes the need in a particular environment is that we offer leadership training as outlined on the leadership training page. Sometimes we combine the Team worx and Stress less- be sharp courses according to the need of the environment/leaders and circumstances. Sometimes we do a women’s conference or a parenting course. The information of all these courses is shown on the relevant pages. On the right, below Course Objectives is the button to click to read more about each program on its own page.

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    Course Objectives

    Stress Less – Be sharp through thought
    Clever Parenting
    Team Worx
    Leadership Coaching
    Study Worx

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    Coaching Session Duration: 1 hour – Individual Session.

    Coaching is a non-judgemental, completely confidential and safe process that will help leaders and missionaries to take action and optimise their focus and productivity through creating awareness of different perspectives and alternative solutions.  A coach supports the leader or missionary to be effective, productive and successful. Coaching is a thought provoking, creative solution orientated process that inspires and maximise personal and professional potential. Coaching is not mentoring/ counselling or consulting.

    Leadership coaching ensures an effective and productive leadership approach with the ability to apply focussed realistic action plans.  Leadership coaching uses thinking preferences and stress functioning to address the unique focus of the action plan that the leader or missionary formulated.

    Our coaches are certified International Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

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    Coaching Objectives

    At the end of the coaching session the leader will be able to:

    • implement an action plan to reach specific goals;
    • have clarity about different options and perspectives to reach a solution for his/her specific needs;
    • be focussed and productive;
    • purposefully address the issue that he/she was coached about;
    • have more clarity in his/her thinking.


    • To inspire, support and coach leaders to reach purpose driven goals.

    Who Should Receive Leadership Coaching

    • Church leaders and missionaries.

    Success Stories

    Emilise was part of an outreach team to Brazil. The training that Emilise has offered the leaders empowered them in a dynamic way with knowledge about the different thinking patterns, how stress can influence behaviour and thinking, and how they can learn to implement a coaching leadership style to ensure that their teams work together and that their communication is effective and meaningful. Her insight and impact in their marriages, congregations and them as leaders was phenomenal. Because they have learned so much, they have arranged that they can come to SA in August 2019 to be empowered again by further training.

    Brazil Leadership Team
    ABIG Partnership: 93 churches of Baptist Churches in Rio de Janeiro

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    Course Completed: Coaching

    “Coaching helped me to realize what my thinking and stress functioning is. I realized how my thoughts and emotions can block and affect me in my work and my relationships. I learned how to change established thinking patterns with hard work. I was able to identify and eliminate negative thinking. It definitely inspired me to look at myself, my relationships and my work with new eyes. Coaching puts me on a new path of growth and healing. I think I’m learning a lot and the Lord is steering me on a path of renewal. I trust that I will be much more useful in His Kingdom work in the future.”

    Jan van Jaarsveld

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    “In Jordan we worked with Sirian women, who went through inhumane trauma and who still suffer being foreigners in refugee camps in Jordan. Hearing their stories is heart breaking. These women have lost all their dignity and are searching for acceptance, love and understanding. We could serve them with love, teach them about Jesus and give them new hope for a life with Jesus. It was amazing to experience how these women came to plead for prayer. When I prayed for them they just wanted to be held as if they wanted to drink every piece of love and energy from you. Their need to once again feel dignified and just to regain new hope, made me bow every night before the almighty God to put these broken people at His feet. Only He can heal. It was a privilege to serve there for a week and be the hands and feet of Jesus.

    The women’s conferences in Brazil gave the women a new understanding of the significance of the tabernacle prayer path that each of us must walk daily. It was a spirit-filled experience where women were guided to an intense deep experience of Jesus’ presence and love. Women started serving each other spontaneously. Relationships have been restored, new insights were gained and multitudes have testified that they have met with Jesus. Some of the women received a new calling or that their calling was confirmed. The congregations in Brazil asked us to come back to their women’s conference 2019 and serve them again. It is such a privilege to be used in God’s Kingdom in this way and to see how women are inspired and equipped.”

    Women Conferences

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