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Emilise Rautenbach

Emilise Rautenbach

Emilise Rautenbach

Johan Kruger

Course Completed: Coaching

“In the past 5 years I have been through a series of traumatic events and did not realise how much bitterness and heaviness I had been carrying around. I was going through a difficult time that involved many anxious, distressed and confused thoughts and emotions. Emilise first assessed my thought patterns and stress functioning. Through coaching I was able to redirect my thoughts and attention.

The coaching sessions benefitted me spiritually, emotionally but especially professionally. I was stuck for years with my Masters degree with only 10% progress. The coaching sessions with Emilise inspired me to set goals and I finished my degree in only 4 months, with distinction!!” The coaching sessions gave me a total new perspective on my life, restored my trust in God and reassured my identity in Christ.”

Because of my new approach to my own abilities I was accepted in a new professional position. My whole life changed and I am forever great full and blessed for being introduced to DARE and Emilise.”

John Charles Stay

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Course Completed: Teamworx

“The staff has found the training very positively and understand themselves much better now. The full-time marketing team now have more insight in respect of the marketing process and can now handle more professional customers. The collaboration between staff has much improved and the productivity increased in the branch.”

Heidi Tolmay (MH Manager of Toyota Tygerberg – Durbanville)

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Interaction with DARE (Emilise Rautenbach)

“I had the opportunity as the Director of Research, Development and Extension of Bioeq Energy, a company developing a biofuel from sugarcane operation on Luzon Island of the Philippines, to use Emilise’s services to assess my team.

I found the Dare process to be very helpful to guide the interactions in the team, and to have a clear understanding of how team members would respond under stress. After the findings made during the Dare analyses, we managed to function significantly better as a team, acknowledging weaknesses and strengths and building on better communication. It was also very helpful to understand in which aspects of career and job guidance the staff would require management input. This de-complicated my role as manager significantly.

The Dare process, and the professional manner in which Emilise interacted with my team in the Philippines were commendable. The use of electronic media during remote assessments and feed-back added to the complexity of the analyses. Emilise managed the process professionally and made me proud of the way South African expertise were applied in a foreign environment.”

Dr CPR Cronjé
CEO of New Tech Agri

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CEO of New Tech Agri

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