Testimonial of Emilise Rautenbach

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Emilise does not only teach people how to discover, enhance and develop their own potential, she lives it! When she was in her darkest hour, with her whole life turned upside down, she used her experience as an opportunity (and not an obstacle) to learn something from it and then change the lives of others with her new knowledge, wisdom and insight.

In 1997 she and her husband separated after a 12-year marriage. She moved in with her parents. A few months later they heard that her father had a brain tumour. She divorced her husband, had financial difficulty, and felt alone and unstable.

She started an After School Day Care Centre for primary learners. She worked two jobs but still had financial difficulty.

She prayed that God would give her a job where she can use every talent and ability He gave her. She applied and was accepted, as a brain profile consultant in a company that worked with brain enhancement and brain dynamics. She worked three jobs at the time.

Emilise knew that she couldn’t and wouldn’t give up. She learned more about the brain and all the research that was done on brain enhancement and development. After her fathers’ operation, he was left paralyzed on his left side and was not able to see or talk properly. She started to use her knowledge of brain enhancement and stimulation, to help her father.

During the weekends she helped learners to learn more about brain development and effective study methods. She worked alongside speech therapists, psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and learned more about their paradigm and work environment.

After a year her father was able to walk normally. His ability to see and speak improved in such a way that he could drive his own car. He also preached every Sunday without anyone noticing that he had difficulty to speak. This was a miraculous healing event and sharpened her belief and interest in brain enhancement, development and stimulation. This motivated her to do more research on brain functioning.

Her new calling was to help others to experience what her father experienced. She had to train business leaders, teachers, learners and parents to enhance their own potential.

The Study Worx programme for High School learners teach them how to reduce the impact of stress on the brain, how to study effectively, what concentration is all about and the best brain exercises to use for academic performance enhancement. She experienced how brain health and brain exercises improved the academic and sport performance of learners.

She started her business “Human Performance Dynamics” and worked primarily in High Schools. She travelled throughout South Africa, teaching and helping High School learners. The feedback of those learners were overwhelming!

She did a lot of courses to help her to understand business, leadership and brain development. She knew that her BA degree; HED diploma with 4 years of experience in teaching, was not enough. She did a three year leadership course with John Maxwell, Brain Gym® courses, and started her studies in psychology.

She and her colleagues (a Psychologist and Social worker) wrote the Bridging Everest programme. They took High School learners camping for a weekend applying this programme – “to bridge their Everest in life”. They saw how young people changed and started living life to the fullest.

In 2003 she changed her Closed Corporations’ name to DARE. The meaning of DARE reflects the work they do. D: Dynamic; A: Action; R: Rebuild; E: Enhance. She did her 3rd year in Psychology – writing five examination papers, while being a single parent and running a business, and still finished her 3rd year with a distinction. She did her honours degree in Psychology. Two years of hard work paid off, as she received her Honours degree with distinction. She got her certificate from dr. Kobus Neethling on thought preferences and combined thought preferences with brain functioning during stress to help learners and professionals with their career choices. During the same time she wrote more programmes: The Be Sharp course for primary learners and parents, and the Thought and Stress Influence Education course for teachers.

She helped a brain injured child Pieter Claassen to achieve more in life, helping his parents financially, helping him with brain exercises and played a motivating and mentoring role in their lives.

Emilise started to expand her business and worked not only with schools, but also within corporate companies. With her knowledge on thought preferences and brain functioning during stress, she had to teach employees within corporate companies how to apply communication skills and effective conflict management. She also helped professionals with their career choices. She completed her Masters’ Degree (with distinction) in research psychology on the relationship between temperament, thought preferences and brain functioning during stress. A research project that contributes tremendously to the knowledge and understanding of human behaviour.

In 2007 Emilise was called to do missionary work. With her knowledge on thought preferences and brain functioning during stress, she had to teach women how to apply communication skills and effective conflict management. She organised and led camps for women and gave talks on different topics from the Word of God. This led to marriage counselling.

Emilise presented different talks and seminars on effective communication; parenting; emotional intelligence; conflict management and teambuilding.

In 2009 God called Emilise to be part of a prayer group to visit Turkey, pray for revival in Turkey and encourage the Christians there. She experienced how God worked in mysterious and miraculous ways. In 2010 she had to join another prayer group to visit Turkey. Her experience in Turkey prompted her to teach women about Biblical topics, especially the armour of God and the tabernacle and its meaning in our spiritual development today. In 2011 God called her to start a prayer group to pray for her congregation’s leaders and personnel. She also started a cell group for single women.

In 2017 God called her for specific intersession and mission work in Egypt, Jordan and Israel. God equipped her to inspire and equip leaders with communication skills and conflict management tools. She did leadership training for different business teams and inspired leaders in Brazil with a new insight and understanding of leadership coaching. She completed her International Coaching Credential as an International Coach (ICF).

In 2019 Emilise also registered her Non-profit Company and organisation (NPC) & (NPO) DARE 4 Excellence. She is part of the Kingdom Nation initiative of expert Kingdom businesses. She is now called to coach, equip and inspire leaders of nations.

Emilise’s story reflects the grace of God. Her story is a story of hope, courage, faith and trust in God.

May you be blessed by reading this and be encouraged.
Rom. 12:1 & 2.

Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship. Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.