In the past few months I gave training at Garsfontein, Linden, Noord Heuwel, Fochville, Wagpos, Piet Potgieter, Leeuwenhof and Eldoraigne High Schools. It is extremely exhausting because I work until 21:00 in the evening and then have to pack all my stuff and return home. Still, the joy and satisfaction I experience when I see a light turning on in the eyes of the learners I train, makes everything worth it. It is sometimes very difficult for I give training with my own sound system just to protect my voice during training times but just to know that when I walk into a room where I am training, I walk with Jesus and together we inspire, equip and coach learners with a new perspective and with tools in their hands to reach purpose driven goals in their studies, sport and life, make everything worthwhile. I know that every child attending the training has been sent because God has a very special calling on that child’s life. Everyone attending has a choice.  They need to choose for hope, life, renewal, focus, success, stress free functioning and to step into their calling OR to stagnate and miss the calling on their life.